grab prospect attention

The most effective way to cut through all that noise is an introduction from someone they trust. This has always been the best way for you to meet your ideal prospects.


First – Get your foot in the door (or Zoom room)

Rule #1 states: The straightest line to relevance with a prospect is an introduction from a trusted source.

Introductions are a preferred and powerful way to meet prospects because of “borrowed trust.” You borrow the trust in one relationship long enough to earn your own trust in the new relationship.

When you get introduced from a trusted source, your prospect will allow themselves to be interrupted, at least long enough to see what the message is all about.

One of the mistakes I see so many people make is that they don’t fully leverage the borrowed trust. They don’t gather and then use the information from the referral source to make sure the introduction is relevant and compelling enough to grab the prospect’s interest and remains relevant and compelling enough to establish a viable relationship.

Second – Be super relevant (or they’ll ghost you)

While an introduction will usually get your foot in the door (or into the Zoom room), there’s more to it than that.

Not only do you need to grab their attention, but you want to do it with a message that’s super relevant to them – and that relates directly to a problem they want to solve or prevent, or an opportunity they want to achieve.

Your referral source is the best way to determine a message that is going to resonate with your new prospect. Ask your referral source: “What’s going on in their life that’s most important to them right now?” Most often, the answer to that question will inform how you get introduced and/or how you then reach out to the prospect.

Two Action Steps

I have two action steps for you to turn these ideas into results:

  1. Make a commitment to meeting your prospects the way they prefer to be met – through an introduction from someone they already trust and start securing better introductions.
  1. Discover and use the information you gather from your referral source to make sure you get a solid introduction and follow up that introduction with a great message.